Pick Up Artists

While travelling I read one of my friends books to help pass the time when nothing was happening. It was The Game by Neil Strauss and it had nothing to do with videogames. My disappointment didn’t end there though.

It details Neil Strauss’ journey into the seduction community and the world of being a pick up artist. Ideally I should have stopped reading the book or not have read it at all but it was actually well written.

Besides, my pick up skills are awesome.

The first 250 pages are quite similar, he develops into this pick up artist (known as a PUA) and writes about the community. Successful PUAs hold seminars charging up to $1500 for workshops to change men who are frustrated with their attempts with women.

Apparently they way to do it is approach a group with a hot target. Ignore the babe and be slightly insulting and impress people with magic tricks and illusions.

Seriously. Magic tricks and illusions.

I was talking about it with my friends and we all laughed as we imagined ourselves going to student clubs and performing illusions to impress tricks. Apparently it works though but it all got out of hand as they compete too much for the business and get depressed. Surprisingly they are upset with themselves how they are degrading women and even themselves.

Oh and you have to dress like a douche. No kidding.

Case in point.


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