This guy doesn’t belong here…

An example (I won’t use) in an article pitch….

On the 8th May 2006, a man called Guy entered the BBC Television Centre in London for an interview. Five minutes later a producer came into the reception area, confirmed the man’s identity and then lead him to a makeup room. After the make up process was complete, Guy was then taken to a studio and placed in a chair and wired up with a microphone in front of a camera. He sensed something was amiss.

Erm... sit in this chair? Really?

It turns out the wrong Guy was taken to the wrong interview. No one (apart from Guy) realised this until it was too late. And there wasn’t a huge amount they could do because it was a live show. The news interview was on Apple V. Apple, a money grabbing group fighting… well another money grabbing group. You can watch the interview here and you can’t help but feel sorry for the poor man.

Pictured: fear

The man above is Guy Goma. He did turn up for an interview at the BBC, but he was expecting a job interview in the IT department. The man who was supposed to be interviewed was Guy Kewney, a British technology expert who was waiting in a different reception area. Apparently the producer had looked at a photo of Guy Kewney five minutes before picking up the wrong Guy, so it is probably just a simple mistake right?

No, because let’s compare them.

If you saw a photo of either of these men, you would remember various details about them for five minutes that let you differentiate them. At least I hope you would.

Unfortunately for Guy Goma, shortly after the interview and the realisation of the mistake he was first identified as a taxi driver for Guy Kewney. That must be quite painful. But it isn’t too bad, because the worse news, is that he wasn’t accepted for the job.

Every cloud has a silver lining though. Apparently they are going to make a Hollywood film about him. I know, it doesn’t sound as though it will be too exciting.


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