Epic Meal – Entry 1

Behold the might of modern man and how far our civilisation and society has progressed!

Bravo man, you have conquered all!

Man used to hunt for his food but now it has become an art form and hobby, and more of a convenience as well.

I saw some incredible videos on Youtube such as Epic Meal Time which is similar to Man Vs. Food but rediculously over the top and funny. They go over the top and mere mortals would say they go too far. The truth is they are pioneers and keep pushing the boundaries that we never thought were possible.

One of my flat mates, Tom, suggested that we make an epic meal ourselves. We haven’t done any planning but it has to be incredibly awesome. Since we are in the United Kingdom we may as well do an epic take on some British food.

I will keep you all updated on this. It should be… interesting. Detoxing before and after will probably be a good idea.

Any suggestions are more than welcome!


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