Point Break – Not Such A Stupid Film


The other night I watched Point Break and I am not afraid to admit that I quite enjoyed it. I have no idea what the general consensus it about the film so I can only hope that other people enjoyed it as much as I did. It opens with a clip of a surfer and also Keanu Reeves going through some kind of FBI testing/training as he shoots targets with a shotgun and a pistol. He is Johnny Utah, a hot shot (literally) who was the quarterback in college and due to injury he joins the FBI, and joins the bank robbery unit in Los Angeles. There is a lot of fast talking wise cracking involved as he is introduced to the unit and the usual “young punk in an old man’s game” feel is there.

The Ex-Presidents are a gang of bank robbers who manage to rob the banks in 90 seconds and never go to the vault.

"We've already screwed you over!"

The film follow Keanu Reeves as he becomes a surfer because his partner (Gary Busey) suspects that the bank robbers are surfers, since they disappear after the summer each year.

It was filmed in 1991 and you can still see that Hollywood wasn’t quite out of the 80s, which gives the film a good look and feel. Sure it’s cheesy, but the film about bank robbing surfers could not be done anyway. With the amount of gritty reboots being made these days, this film would just not work.

My only gripe about the film is that Keanu Reeves really doesn’t have much emotion (as we know from other films) but it kind of works with the 80s cheesyness, but the film makers probably weren’t going for that angle.


And another cool surfing video: 

This one has cool music and photos: 


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