YouTube Comments

I know I haven’t written in a while, that should be obvious because I am the one that writes on this. Life has been a bit busy with work and other various projects.

Anyway I come here to discuss the phenomenon of YouTube.

Pictured: YouTube

If you don’t know anything about YouTube then congratulations! You have gone through the internet and lived through pop culture without coming across one of the most well known sites of the internet. Applaud yourself.

I have been watching videos on YouTube for a few years now, I have seen it change as they sold to Google and introduced advertising (which allows it to remain free for the viewing public, although I find Vevo very annoying). One thing I haven’t paid attention to are the comments of the videos. They are well known for being shit slinging competitions where people whine and bitch about the video and get into an argument with other people posting comments.

Yeah, it's kind of like this. But without the fun.

However that all changed this morning when I watched this video:

At the moment I don’t have much money so am unable to shop like I normally do and am eating what my flat mates left in their cupboards before it is spoiled when they come back after the easter holiday. In the video, Will Arnett and Dave Koechner are eating brunch at Denny’s so this made me feel very hungry.

Being a witty man, I posted a harmless comment that goes

“Man, it sucks having no money and being hungry and watching these guys eating brunch….”

I didn’t think much of it as a comment but at the time of writing this post, it has 261 thumbs up and has appeared in the Top Comments section of the video. This was quite pleasing to have the highest rated comment. But because it’s YouTube some other people replied to my comment, some harmless but others a bit… well you will see.

  • @MrCyrilClunge LOLOLOLOL 

    EricCris10sen 7 hours ago
  • @MrCyrilClunge I hear that.I’ve been eating falaffels for lunch for the past 5 days and I’m fucking sick of it.I want waffles and eggs and maple syrup and bacon and all that shit 😦

    Grim3223 6 hours ago
  • @MrCyrilClunge if you can afford internet but not food your priorities are just plain wrong.

    toudal89 5 hours ago 46 
  • @toudal89 He’s probably at the library though

    ConflictBananas 5 hours ago
  • @toudal89 That’s just how it is in college.

    TehGenesis 3 hours ago
  • @toudal89 He’s probably like 10 and lives with his parents… So yeah i think they pay the Interwebz

    TheZickoPuppets 2 hours ago
  • @MrCyrilClunge

    Um, if you really had no money, you wouldn’t have a computer to type your comment on. And being hungry is your fault for not eating. 😀

    You might try to say something like “I had the money, bought a computer, then went bankrupt later”. But you wouldn’t have the money to pay for an electricity bill.

    gamegod9000 5 hours ago
  • @gamegod9000 if you must know, I spent my money on various bills (such as gas, electricity, water, internet and phone).

    MrCyrilClunge 5 hours ago
  • @MrCyrilClunge

    …then where did the money for a computer come from? And why not just buy food instead? You need that to live!

    gamegod9000 4 hours ago
  • @MrCyrilClunge well maybe you should have bought food instead of a computer….. xD

    flopaz 4 hours ago 5 
  • @MrCyrilClunge haha your poor

    jonesater 4 hours ago
  • @MrCyrilClunge give me your bank accout (if you have one) and i’ll transfer you some money..

    cr7ei 4 hours ago
  • @MrCyrilClunge I suggest opening your mouth and inserting food.

Hopefully that makes sense to you, I literally just copy and pasted from the comments section. As you can see, some of the replies are witty. I particularly like nesnahprotsdam “I suggest opening your mouth and inserting food” because it is sarcastic and helpful at the same time. Clever.

Some people though are wondering why I have a computer but no food. They assume I have no money at all and no food. I just stated I was hungry and have no money (bills cost a lot when you are the only guy in your flat with some kind of income). Thankfully someone else realised that I am a college student which is how it goes. You often run out of money.

The response about being 10 and living with my parents amuses me though.


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