Sucker Punch

This film has a few big brea- I mean names involved with it, such as Zack Snyder, Jon Hamm (I think) and a few others. As you can see I did a lot of research here. The trailer for it was incredible, hot gals fighting evil in all kinds of scenarios and the story about something that questions the perception of reality and it gets quite metaphysical.

It is a case of the trailer being better than the actual film. There isn’t a huge amount of plot involved (as other reviews point out) and the film is very heavy with CGI and other cool effects. I was confused about the task of Baby Doll (the hot blonde) who had to find some items, including a map, a knife (I think, I can’t really remember), fire and maybe a few other things (one thing being unknown to people).

If I am honest I didn’t even watch all this film, perhaps 30 or 40 minutes but I can make some decent assumptions about the rest of the film. Baby Doll goes from fighting some huge stone creatures to fighting German masked zombies in a trench system (I had a dream about a zombie outbreak last night. But that is not at all relevant). The action sequences are cool but quite short.

In conclusion this film is aimed at teenage boys and creepy old men. Sure the women were hot but the film really was quite disappointing. I enjoyed Watchmen because I was too lazy to read the comic and I enjoyed 300 because I got caught up with the adrenaline fueled killing loads of people. I had to be escorted from the cinema by police that day….

Anyway I give this movie… 4 hot women out of 10.


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