Decided to get a Mac…

I have long been a fan of Windows because I am young and only watch films, write essays and a few other things on them. Sure I am a gamer but I have a PS3 with which I can game. With my new found photography hobby which I am getting into and plans to expand this blog (eventually) and try my hand at movie editing, I have heard that Macbooks are pretty good at them.

Also my desktop PC is getting into his old age and is starting to suffer. After having played around with a MacBook Pro in the past few days I am finding them pretty decent. Obviously the whole thing about viruses being harder to get on a Mac are beneficial, and I like the idea of an OS and computer built by the same people with a purpose in mind.

So I will most likely spend 1200 pounds on a laptop (13 inch MBP and up the RAM to 8GB) and a Canon T3i DSLR. So that means I have to save some money over the next two months which I can easily do by not socializing (simple, as it is exam period) and eating on the cheap. And getting my purchases from the USA which I intend to do.

I just hope I don’t regret it.

But first I intend to buy a 1TB hard-drive for under fifty pounds.


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