Royal Wedding, Bin Laden dead, and Portal 2

What a crazy weekend. Everything is happening. I can call this post the good, the bad, and the ugly. Well, maybe not actually. I will see how it goes.

Obviously all three things are good but as a genius I can make it all work.

I keep looking at the official photos and thinking how amazing it all looks. I am not gay but after being bombarded with all this wedding news it all looked incredible. She looks absolutely beautiful, he looks handsome, the wedding looked amazing and the crowds were awesome.

Annoyingly though I wasn’t able to watch the wedding due to pentathlon training. Honestly I was, it makes me sound a lot fitter than I am but there you go. The wedding of the decade and I bloody missed it. Typical.

Then I wake up this morning, check facebook and there are all these references to something and I was thinking “…what the hell? i guess… bin laden is dead?” and I was correct. That is The Bad. Because he was bad. But now he is dead. Looking on a forum and facebook, a lot of people are happy. I can understand their happiness and I find it hard to share. The reality is that the war in Afghanistan and the War on Terror is not over. It isn’t like World War 2 where the death of Hitler signalled a change in German tactics. Osama was not controlling the insurgency in Iraq or Afghanistan. It doesn’t change much to be honest. Sure, he was evil, I get that he masterminded the 9/11 attacks but the reality is that there are still others out there.

Remember Saddam Hussein? There has still been fighting in Iraq since he went into hiding, was captured and executed. This makes me sound like a douche but I am upset because I missed the wedding.

Now onto The Ugly, which is Portal 2. It isn’t ugly so I guess it can be ironic. I’m edgy like that. Anyhoo it’s a cool game in a cool setting. If I am honest the industrial setting becomes a bit repetitive as it’s longer than the first but it does change and gets good and challenging. Sometimes a bit too challenging when you are tired from pentathlon training. The voice work from Steven Merchant and Jonathan Simmons is one of the many highlights. I recommend this game. I give it 9 potatoes out of a possible 10.

The potato thing kind of makes sense.

Anyway here are some pentathlon videos of what I’m involved in. I ain’t that fast though.


3 thoughts on “Royal Wedding, Bin Laden dead, and Portal 2

  1. “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. but it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning” Churchill

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