wtf is The Weekly Shave?

This is The Weekly Shave. It is the future of digital media and online magazines.

That’s right, in my bid to expand this humble little blog into something that will be mightier than the Empire of Rome I am giving it more of a magazine angle. This has been my intention for a while and I was lacking a name. Various changes will occur and I don’t know what these changes will be. They will just occur randomly when I have an epiphany.

The reason I chose The Weekly Shave is because I was watching “How To Lose Friends And Alienate People” which is a bloody good and damned funny film. Anyway the main character works for a magazine called Sharps so I was thinking maybe I should come up with a better name for this blog. I then saw myself in the mirror and thought “hmm… it’s almost time for my weekly shave”, the logic of my decision is probably flawed and lacks an obvious link but it just seems like a cool name.

Next I plan to work on a logo. If anyone knows of a good graphic artist who can whip something simple up (I was thinking of a face with a monocle and moustache or something classy like that) then that would be great.

More articles coming soon. I promise.


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