48 hours without the internet or The Collapse of Society

Recently the internet in my flat stopped working. I had tried unplugging and plugging things back in but it didn’t work at all. It wasn’t a case of lack of bill paying because I paid it a few days before. After speaking to someone at tech support in Bangalore they told me that there was a problem in the area and it would be fixed the “day after tomorrow”.

The shock was too much to come up with a witty caption.

It might seem a bit of an over reaction but with the past weekend’s happening I could miss something big and not know about it. We just had a weekend with a royal wedding (which I bloody missed!) and then the death of Osama bin Laden. As things tend to come in threes I was going to miss something. Society could collapse and I would be non the wiser. On Monday morning I woke up and checked Facebook and figured that from people’s status updates Osama was dead. Now how would I get my news?

Read a newspaper? Really? I am a student and can’t afford the luxury of newspaper (but somehow afford internet and other things).

The good news is that I was forced to go outside and use the internet in the library. I assumed it was safe to go outside and that the library system hadn’t collapsed due to a recent civil war. It was kind of nice to get outside as it turns out that it’s Spring, so the weather was good.

The library however was hell. There was a group of girls nearby who were talking about something really boring and unimportant. I almost snapped and shouted at them. But I don’t like to interact with people so I didn’t.

I was well prepared for my journey to the library.

As it turned out society was still functioning. For all I knew though the UK was the only place holding out against the global collapse and alien invasion. It was tough walking along and thinking “oh yeah, i want to watch that youtube video” or when I was watching a film in the evening and I wanted to look the actors up on IMDB and you know what? I wasn’t able to.

It got me thinking about what people did before the internet. They obviously survived. But how?


One thought on “48 hours without the internet or The Collapse of Society

  1. I truly knew I wasn’t the only person who felt like you do when the net goes down. My wife and I look at each other and say, “Well I guess we can talk to each other?” Then we both look like the Home Alone kid in the picture! Great post.

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