My (brief) time into the world of a DJ

When I say brief, I mean very brief.

A few weeks ago I was tasked to help organise a dinner. My responsibility was the music for the evening. It might sound like a lot or not much but I enjoyed the idea of showcasing my musical tastes. There was no way that I would properly DJ with vinyl records and a turn table. I decided to go the indie way and just use my iPod as a commentary on the music industry and talent.

The music on my iPod ranges from all kinds of genres and it is very eclectic. It has been influenced by my parents 70s records (which they still have) like the Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, to the (today) slightly obscure Steeley Dan, to what my brothers listened to for the past few years like Aphex Twin and other drum and bass and everything in between those. Sure I have a some crappy pop music like one (and ONLY one) Jonas Brothers song but I also have a weird enjoyment for 80s music including Motley Crue, Wang Chung, Animotion and anything else that uses synthesizers and too much eye liner. Then I have Beastie Boys, Brian Eno, and a huge collection of mashup tunes. My friends have often commented on the music of my iPod. Sometimes they say nice things, other times they seem confused.

The reality is that you probably haven't heard of most of the people on my iPod.

So all I had to do for this dinner was hook up the sound system and create a playlist on my iPod. The first part was simple. Creating a playlist though proved a little tricky.

It wasn’t just music that I wanted to listen to because that could get weird and I didn’t want the ignorant masses calling for my blood when they have no appreciation for the music that they are hearing. Before I had really begun I had already sold out.

Unfortunately it wasn’t the kind of sell out that fills a stadium.

I was forced to get music that I wasn’t really a fan of but it would appeal to the crowd. I begun to hate myself as I was giving into the suits (it was a formal dinner) and had lost sight of my music for music.

To be continued….


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