Made In Chelsea

This is a new show on E4 that is supposed to be a response to The Only Way Is Essex. I haven’t watched that show and am glad I haven’t. Made In Chelsea makes me cringe and I am the kind of person that doesn’t cringe during The Office because I lack various social skills.

Here is a trailer for it

My reaction was “oh it looks bad but it could be so bad that it’s good.” I was wrong. It is just a show that is bad. Chelsea is a nice place but these people are being exploited, they all seem to fulfill the posh stereotype. What I’ve read of TOWIE is that they are kind of dumb that you can’t help but like them. Some of the things I have read about this show is that it makes a mockery out of Chelsea and aristocracy. Whatever it does it just seems to open up the wounds of class warfare, especially given that our Prime Minister is often criticised for his background. You can’t choose your background, but you can choose to appear on a crappy reality TV program or not.

I didn’t even watch all of the show. The ten minutes of it I saw was about a jewelery launch (apparently) in a club on Kings Road. Perhaps my experience of clubs is different but this club was pretty empty, the music was merely a whisper and some girls were wearing their furs inside. What kind of crappy club is that? No one looked like they were having fun. Whenever I go to a club it’s always too loud, too dark and too crowded. Fortunately I don’t mind that as it means I don’t have to interact with other people too much.

Another show I am reminded of is The Hills. Again, this is a show I have never seen but I think I know something about that Heidi and Spencer couple who regularly appear on TMZ and get slated every time. My understanding of that show is that it is (or was) a dram reality show. As in it wasn’t real but made to look real. That is what I feel about Made In Chelsea, it was really bad acting. If it wasn’t acting then the people just have no personality and no substance.

Will I watch it again?
Hmm… probably if I am bored.


2 thoughts on “Made In Chelsea

  1. When you feel the need to put “bitchiness” in a fancy font into your trailer you probably haven’t got enough content to be worth watching.

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