LA Noire

Apologies for the lack of updates, I have been busy with exams and stuff.

Anyway I am a bit bored and being annoyed by a fly in the room that refuses to leave so I thought I may as well talk about the recent Rockstar game – LA Noire. So expect some spoilers. Also I am using the wordpress app on my iPad so I don’t know how this will turn out and I’m not sure how to put pictures in.

The title should make it perfectly clear what LA Noire is about. A drop adventure set in the 40s of LA. I will jump straight in and say I’m a bit disappointed at the lack of the noire aspect. I was looking forward to narration about a troubled dame kind of thing. It feels modern but it is obviously an old setting given the cars, suits and hats, and lack of freeway in LA.

Being a Rockstar game, there is a large area of LA to explore. Unfortunately it doesn’t really do much. There isn’t much reason to explore and apart from hidden cars, there is nothing on offer like GTA has to offer. There also isn’t the variety of land that Red Dead Redemption offers.

I watched LA Confidential before playing LA Noire so I was really hoping that you could either be corrupt or a by the book aspiring policeman. Annoyingly you can’t. The cases don’t offer much variety apart from how you think someone is lying or not. Clues can be found pretty easily so there isn’t much of a challenge. Interrogations are interesting but sometimes evidence isn’t used as you think it should be used which can be frustrating. It can be a fun challenge to figure out if they are telling the truth a lie or whatever. The facial technology is good but if you are slightly autistic like me you have to rely on their story rather than their facial give away.

The problem with this game is that it isn’t an action like GTA or RDR. It would improve if there an honor/corruption system like in RDR. That would be awesome.

It’s a good game, worth checking out. I’m feeling lazy though, there are a few issues that become apparent in the game (like you may have to restart the case if you go to locations in a different order).


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