All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

This is a recent BBC documentary by Adam Curtis which is about the implications of technology in a way that you probably haven’t thought about before. Instead it starts by explaining Ayn Rand’s philosophy of objective realism, that altruism should not be pursued and that you should only do things to improve yourself in your best interest. It is essentially a philosophy that you should be selfish.

Anyway apparently the big software companies were into Ayn Rand’s philosophies and it inspired them to develop and create the technology and to become Rand-ian heroes. In the first episode it links to the stock market and how programs were developed to predict and help with trading.

This is Adam Curtis’ blog with a trailer. I can’t do justice by trying to explain it as some of the links are a bit of a stretch. Regardless of if you agree with the conclusions it is extremely well made with incredible music.

The title is from a poem.

I’m feeling tired and lazy to write more. Sorry.


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