Personalities and tests

Or the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator to be precise. In short it is known as MBTI and I think TI stands for Type Indicator. I could be wrong but it doesn’t really matter that much. Apparently these tests are quite popular in the USA for job applicants and people trying to figure out what they should do in college and what career to pursue.

The test is a psychometric questionnaire that measures how people perceive the world and make decisions. When you complete the test you get some letters, either E/I, S/N, T/F, and J/P.

E = Extroversion, I = Introversion.
S = Sensing, N = iNtuition,
T = Thinking, F = Feeling,
J = Judging, P = Perception

With each combination there is a certain type, for example in my case (INTJ) it is known as The Scientist or The Mastermind. I have done a few online tests and it comes up with INTJ each time and even when I adjust some of the answers on questions I get INTJ. It is the rarest personality which makes me feel really special.

I have looked into this as I find it quite interesting and I didn’t really have much else to do. It makes sense and I feel that I do fit it quite well in terms of social interaction, desire for independence and I understand theory and abstract quite well. In fact at school I did sciences and wanted to do sciences at university but decided not to. According to some studies most INTJs are scientists or military leaders. It gives confidence as I want to join the military and if I decided not to I can expect to become a scientist with little or no effort.

There is a good test here that will take ten or fifteen minutes if you want to find your personality type, and plenty of information online about the types in relation to careers, relationships and life in general.

Some people do criticize the MBTI as certain people may use it to justify that they are a lot cleverer and lead to elitism. However each personality type is good at something and they do vary. Obviously just because you might be an INTJ does not make you intrinsically better than a non-INTJ as it turns out you have to put in work and effort regardless of what you want to do. Sure people go into science and study engineering or medicine even if their personality might be better suited to being a performer but it doesn’t really matter. It is the same with IQ tests, just because you have a high IQ does not necessitate academic brillance.
Another criticism is that it puts people into categories. I really don’t see the issue as we categorize every other species and we have categorized humans biologically and personality is down to brain function. Sure our experiences shape and mold us but the brain and cognitive functions is what drive us. Given the liberal world we live in today, there seems to be hostility against the ideal of a lack of control over our lives. I haven’t read if personality types change over the life or if they are intrinsic from the day we are born, in my experience I would certainly say it is at least developed very early on.

And although I said personality types can do well in other areas not considered best for their type, they would probably do better in what their personality type tends to do well in.


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