Let’s Talk about Facial Hair!

I have called this blog The Weekly Shave so it only makes sense that I make a post about facial hair. It might seem like a niche market but recent studies and surveys show that even women are able to have facial hair, so thankfully I have over 50% of my target audience.


Anyway facial hair. There are many different types of facial hair and they can say a lot about people.
In previous years a nice mustache was the sign of a gentleman and they did look dashing. Unfortunately the mustache is now associated with these kinds of people:
He has the thick rimmed glasses and well kept messy hair look going on, and he is probably enjoying a band (you won’t have heard of them) at a club (that you won’t have heard of) in a trendy part of a trendy city.

But look at Roosevelt:
He looks quite dashing and the mustache conveys authority.

But apart from mustaches it is also possible for people to have more facial hair. This should be pretty obvious but it is called a beard. They can range from slightly more than stubble…
Although if you are wearing a suit, it looks quite messy. He should either develop his mustache or go clean shaven.

The full beard. This one looks pretty good. It is hard to explain but it shows a life of experience. If the beard could talk I imagine it would tell a lot of interesting stories and be quite the entertainer at a party. I’m sure it isn’t just because it is the beard of Zach Galifianakis.

Unfortunately I am unable to grow decent facial hair. The Weekly Shave is an ironic name for a blog because I am so clever. I haven’t shaved in two (maybe even three) weeks and there are a few hairs. Not even stubble. And I’m in 20s. I even tried to take a photo (my new DSLR has a screen that flips out so you can take annoying Facebook style photos) but the camera was unable to focus on the few hairs I had. It is embarrassing because I want to look rugged, as if I came back from a mountain expedition which went wrong. I hardly shave that I don’t shave very well which leads to more embarrassment.

The good thing is that I don’t have to shave often. Although it can be awkward when my friends complain to me saying “oh man, don’t you just hate having to shave every other day?” Seriously?


One thought on “Let’s Talk about Facial Hair!

  1. Well Dom, There’s another side of the story. I had a beard for about 20 years. My wife and daughter had never seen my actual naked face. One day I decided to shave it off. Without any advance notice. When they saw the ‘real’ me there was squealing, shock, laughter, and mocking. I grew it back. Now that I am older I keep a dignified goatee. It hides enough so that children in the street do not begin to cry.

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