My Analysis of American Politics, presented in HTML

This is presented in wonderful HTML

Before I get into my amazing analysis of the current political situation in the USA, I thought I would explain why I am using HTML.

So if this all looks weird then it is my fault for being lame at HTML. Oh well, there isn’t much I can do about that.

Recently I have been travelling in California, hence the lack of activity here, and I realised that various decisions I have made were quite short sighted.

But not to worry because it isn’t too late and my options are still open. So now I am exploring HTML and have plans to get into programming. I have a lot of time on my hands so why not take up another hobby?

Okay I have just previewed this post and it looks quite good. Watch out Microsoft and Apple, here I come! Actually it looks pretty similar to what it would have if I posted using normal WordPress posting stuff… but it provides good practice. Imagine cooking a pizza, you can either microwave one in a few minutes, or spend longer crafting it. Also this is using very basic HTML, over the course of the next few weeks or whatever I hope to expand my natural skills and talent and dazzle you all. Hopefully you will not be disappointed.

But don’t get your hopes up.

And now for my political analysis

I may as well be honest with you. I have never studied economics or politics, so my understanding of it is all based on what I read in the paper and gather from internet forums (not the Free Republic, so don’t worry) and other media (not Fox News, again don’t worry).

Writing this is going slowly because of my experimentation with HTML. Sorry about the lack of flow, the political analysis is more of a filler just so it adds something interesting for you to read. I am having trouble with changing the font so if anyone has any hints that would be useful.


So yeah, politics. I understand that the US has a huge deficit and owe a load of debt to China for bailing them out of the recession, but as it turns out the recession isn’t quite over.

Due to a lack of… money I guess (too much spending, Obama’s medicare?) and not enough taxing the US owes several trillion dollars. So the Republicans want a cut in spending but Democrats want a raise in taxes. Apparently the reason the Republicans are being difficult is more of a player play and an attack on Obama.

This raises a question I have about party politics in the USA. I mean, they all come from the same country (no birther arguments please) so why is the party ideologies so ingrained? Perhaps I was naive but I used to think that people went into politics out of a sense of civic virtue. Boy, how wrong was I huh? Surely it doesn’t really matter too much how the deficit is dealt with as long as it is sorted out.

I read that one solution would be to make two $2trillion dollar coins and pay off the debt with that. They won’t be put into circulation so there isn’t a risk of inflation. Hell they should just do that because it would be awesome. Who cares if it solves the debt crisis or not? Well actually I imagine a lot of people would care.


One thought on “My Analysis of American Politics, presented in HTML

  1. Also I am playing around with CSS and editing the look of the page. So it might occasionally look a bit weird.

    EDIT: Turns out that you have to pay to use CSS and could only preview any changes you make. So it won’t look any different.

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