The London Riots

I will jump on the bandwagon and mention these riots.

Several people in the news media are saying how these riots are a result of race relations, or youth who are angry about the current state of the economy and politics. Hell, even I jokingly said on someone’s Facebook how it was a result of betrayal from the government and to do with corruption and the greedy bankers and that the news industry (the supposed defender of freedom of speech) had gone corrupt had upset a lot of people.

The Daily Telegraph call the rioters protesters. There was an article saying that Tony Blair saw this coming because the people are upset about the police treatment of minority groups is to blame. That is rubbish because the rioters are a mix of race and creed. Besides there are no flags or banners. There is no point to the riots apart from random violence.

Then there was a tweet from a Labour MP who said that three decades of government mistakes were to blame.

Geez, is there no common sense? The initial riots in Fulham were because a suspected gangster threatened the police with a gun.

I would post links to a few articles but the websites are being slow….

PS – I have a friend who took photos of the aftermath in Clapham. Apparently the McDonalds was left alone. If ever there was a target that represented corporate greed….


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