The reason I haven’t posted in a while is because I am on holiday. While I have had some spare time to relax I have used it to play Minecraft. I also got a new laptop recently (a Mac Book Pro) so have been setting it up and playing around with it. Because all savvy photo journalist types have a Mac Book Pro.

Anyway back to Minecraft. It is really incredible. It looks like a simple game with the blocky graphics but if you have either artistic flair or engineering capability, you will do well on Minecraft. It is one of those video games that takes it to an art form. And I explain why…

The basic thing about Minecraft is that you mine things. It sounds obvious but it is a lot more fun and thrilling than that. You start out with nothing so you use your bare hands to cut down wood. With that wood you make wooden tools. With those tools you make a shelter in the ground (because monsters appear at night). Eventually you can upgrade to tools with iron, but first you need to mine the iron and then put it in an oven to smelt it. As well as survival you can build huge things. I play it online with people and the things that they have built are simply astounding.

A to-scale earth, not sure who built it.

There are materials such as coal, iron, diamond, and others that all have their uses. One cool material is redstone which I guess is kind of like electricity and you have to trails using it like a wire. It uses logic gates so people have been able to make working train tracks that work automatically with the push of a button.

Pictured: science.

I need to brush up on logic gates because I don’t really know how they work. But that is an example. You can make… all kinds of cool things with it.

The game has been updated over the time it has existed. Recently I saw a wolf in the wild and gave him some bones and now it has become my pet. I can take him on walks or leave him in my house. It might sound kind of sad but this game blends art and engineering into one incredible art form. People have been able to modify the game by changing the look (texture packs) and my favourite is this one which was hand drawn by someone.

Pictured: Art

I’m not the best at this game but I enjoy it and will hopefully get better.

My dog who I have named Doug.

Some structures that other people have built.

My tower in the foreground, someone elses in the background.This is your inventory and the craft table.

An underground quarry that I hope to empty.

I really haven’t done this justice but I want to get a Minecraft post out as a brief intro. As the time goes on I will post of my whacky adventures.


2 thoughts on “Minecraft!!

  1. It really is a game that disorients me due to the day and night cycle it has. Especially when you go into a cave or mine underground for hours and you come to the surface and are blinded by in-game daylight. And then you realise that you probably need to go and see real sunlight.

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