First Photoshop

I have recently been playing around with Photoshop CS5, not just touching up my photos that I have taken but also playing around with graphics. I ended up popping into a Barnes & Nobles and poking through several Photoshop magazines to get a basic look at what can be done (a lot can be done!) and also inspiration. I didn’t buy any of the magazine because there are a lot of tutorials and guides online. But I feel like I’ve bought something from Ikea, glanced at the beginning of the instructions and then just guessed my way through the rest. My excuse is that it forces me to explore and do some things for myself as I blindly stumble through making a hash of my images.

I will probably put a lot of things on my Flickr eventually but I will put some things on here too.

Why? Because I can.

I have touched up the second photo (the original which is hopefully obvious). In the really edited one, the pink swirl is supposed to be a glowing streak but I was having a few problems with it. Anyway it’s not as bad as I thought it would. Then again it’s not as amazing as I viewed it as being but I put that down to being a rookie.


3 thoughts on “First Photoshop

    • Thanks, it can be a bit frustrating at times though because I think I have worked something out but it is somehow different to what I thought I had done before.

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