The Hardest Video Game EVER!?

I haven’t posted in a while because I have been quite busy. Now that I am slightly less busy I am thinking what on earth can I write about?

Between my busy-ness I have been playing a game on the PS3 that my brother got me for my birthday (I’m old now). He asked if I wanted it and after a very quick glance on Wikipedia I said “yeah, sure”. It turns out that this game is really hard. Like, super hard.

Like a lot of games it starts off with a tutorial but the learning curve is very steep. After the tutorial you are sent into an open world and can explore as much as you want. I had trouble because I was dying a lot but it turns out that you are supposed to die a lot.

The game is called Dark Souls and is a sequel to a game called Demon Souls. I’m not entirely sure of the storyline but it has something to do with dragons who were killed and now the world is cursed. Then there was a prophecy about someone returning from the dead who would rid the world of the curse. So the guy I play is undead but throughout the game if you acquire enough souls you can go back to your human form.

The difficulty comes from the fact that the game throws you in at the deepend and doesn’t explain much. I spent ages looking through the manual but that doesn’t have many clues so I have had to resort to online help.

No help given. And this is an "easy" enemy.

As tough as the game is, it really is incredible. Apart from the graphics of the open world it has an online feature that no other game has. You can leave messages for other players, which can vary between useful tips, random sayings and also troll comments such as “jump off this ledge” when if you do, you will die. Another thing you can do is help other people on their game or randomly make it tougher for people. I’m not doing this game justice because I have barely scratched the surface.

My house mates find it quite incredible and they have helped me play through it (don’t worry, I don’t spend all day playing it while they watch).

I have clocked up a few hours on it and haven’t even done the first part of it. It’s going to take a while.


As for my lack of posting I have a few ideas lined up so don’t worry. Have a Happy Halloween!


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