Parks and Recreation

Parks and Recreation is one my favourite TV shows as of late. I think it is made by the same people who made The Office but it is so much better. The characters are slightly more believable, in that they aren’t a complete moron like Steve Carrel or so ridiculous like Rainn Wilson.

The show is about the department of Parks and Recreation in a small town in Indiana. Amy Poehler is the main character and is the deputy director of the department. Her aims are to become President via being the first female Directer of the parks and recreation department. She is very naive and panics about the smallest details and her role models include any and every female politician such as Condi Rice, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton.

My favourite character is her boss, Ron Swanson.

Ron is the director of the department and he despises big government. There is an episode where he says people should have the freedom to eat as much as they want and get fat, that is what makes America beautiful. According to him the government is bloated and inefficient. Here is a quote of his ideal government

“My idea of a perfect government is one guy who sits in a small room at a desk, and the only thing he’s allowed to decide is who to nuke. The man is chosen based on some kind of IQ test, and maybe also a physical tournament, like a decathlon. And women are brought to him, maybe … when he desires them.”

And on the Parks and Recreation department itself

“I’ve been quite open about this around the office: I don’t want this parks department to build any parks, because I don’t believe in government. I think that all government is a waste of taxpayer money. My dream is to have the park system privatized and run entirely for profit by corporations, like Chuck E. Cheese. They have an impeccable business model. I would rather work for Chuck E. Cheese.”

He is like a character from Dilbert, actually he reminds me of Dogbert. Anything similar to Dilbert has to be good.

Another standout character is Jerry. I’m not sure what his role is within the department but he is lovable and I feel sorry for him. Everyone else in the office gives him a hard time and he is just waiting until he can retire. Here is a video of him which will explain much better than I can.


Go and watch the show. It’s incredible!


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