This is not a post on small town ideals and values, nor is it a post on the state of the European Union.

It is something much bigger than that. It is about Community.

What is this Community that I am talking about? It is my (if not one of) favourite TV show of all time.

Imagine if you will the pop cultural references of Family Guy (but making more sense) with the cleverness of Arrested Development and the comedy (and cleverness too) of 30 Rock and as funny as all three and I guess that would give you community. Whatever you do don’t combine the storylines of them because that would be a mess.

The first episode introduces us to Jeff Winger, who was a hot shot lawyer but it turned out he had no degree so he has been forced to go to community college (hence the title). Someone says to him “But I thought you got a degree from Columbia?” to which Jeff replies “Yeah, and now they want me to get one from the USA.”
Jeff doesn’t want to be there and tries to get through doing as little work as possible. In an attempt to get with a blonde girl he pretends to be an expert at Spanish and organises a study group (with no one else) to help her. Only it ends up having several people in it. So our bunch of misfits are settled and have met.

All of the characters are different and have their different quirks. In most TV shows like this it might seem to obvious but Community does it well, with characters being rediculous but the perfect kind and amount.
Take for example Chevy Chase’s character, Pierce. He is old and racist but doesn’t realise his racism is wrong. And he isn’t too racist, it’s clever little comments he makes.

My favourite character is Abed who they suspect to have Asperger’s. He explains everything according to TV shows or movies (his favourite being Pulp Fiction) and at one point is asked to explain the relationship of Jeff and Britta (the blonde love interest) and his analysis is “Well it is certainly no Ross and Rachel from Friends but shares a similar dynamic.”
I will also give this video clip that explains him a lot. Forgive the back to front-ness of it. I didn’t upload the video.

The first two seasons weren’t planned a huge amount but the third one has and is shaping up really well so far.

I would list some worthy episodes to watch but that would be a big list. Just go and watch it.


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