Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim!

It arrived today because I got it on pre-order.

My first impression is that it is different to Oblivion which makes sense. The intro takes longer and character creation is a bit longer and is already at a fast pace. Hopefully it will slow down so I can go and explore for a while. Just to note the characters can look really cool. Like super duper cool. I’m playing it on PS3 and the graphics are impressive but there seem a few little issues with shadows and some edges.

The different menus are a bit of a shame, I enjoyed the book type layout of Oblivion but in Skyrim it is certainly a lot quicker to go through the menu.

Character animations are an improvement and the voice acting differs a lot more.

Oh and the flight of the dragons is amazingly done. This game is certainly an improvement on Oblivion so far. I am confident that it won’t fail to deliver.

Buy it, and play it.


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