The word fail has made it’s way into everyday language thanks to popular culture. People will say it when something goes wrong or someone does something stupid.

I’m not entirely sure of the origins but it came from internet slang. Fortunately for researching things on the internet we have Know Your Meme which is a tremendous site to explore. However if you go there then be careful, there isn’t really anything dodgy on there, it might just have some things you don’t get. Like a quirky person who you just find weird. Rest assured though it isn’t 4chan (but pretty much every meme comes from 4chan, the good, the bad and the ugly).

There are several other websites devoted to the art of failing. Perhaps the most famous is and I also think they have a YouTube channel. Better than that though is a guy who makes a 10 minute compilation for each month.

There is something quite comforting about fail videos. I think it is the fact that there are people out there who I am smarter than. In some situations you just have to sa “perhaps the fireworks aren’t such a good idea guys”. With these videos you know something is going to go wrong and life doesn’t seem too bad.

God bless dumb people.


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