Noise at Night-time

Having lived in a few places and always being in a room at the front of the house, I tend to hear quite a bit of noise during the night. It is quite annoying when it wakes you up but I find the thought processes quite interesting.

When I was younger I used to hear foxes fighting outside. The sound was a terrible screeching that seemed to come from the very depths of Ragnarok. It might be annoying but they are only animals and will wander off soon.

Lately I have been hearing the worst sound of all… drunk people.

I remember a few years ago when I was staying with my parents in New York and we were living on the trendy Upper East Side, between First and Second Avenue. There are quite a few bars and restaurants and people would walk along our street at the end of the night or the beginning of the next day. One night as I was lying in bed I was awoken to a woman screaming, I can’t remember the exact details of her screams but it was something along the lines “NOOOOOO!!!!” and my groggy thought process was “hmm, someone is being murdered. oh well i’ll check it out in the morning.” So I woke up the next morning and carried on with my day as normal until I remembered the noise and I spent a good ten minutes trying to work out if it was a dream or not. I glanced outside the window to the street below and didn’t see any CSI crew so I casually mentioned it to my parents who also said “oh yeah, we thought we heard a murder too. New York ‘eh?”

Now lately in Bristol I am living on a busy street and there is a bar underneath (fortunately it was shut down due to drugs and weapons which goes to show it’s a nice neighbourhood) but there are two bars which are open about 50 metres either side of the house. Quite often, weeknights and weekends we get a lot of people shouting in their drunken stupor. Only last night there was a bar crawl or some sort and it sounded like some people were causing a ruckus outside my house.
But two or three weeks ago I heard (what I think was) a guy from the local kebab shop (a kebab is a meal that drunken people have, no one knows what it is when they’re sober) shouting “yeah, yeah I’ll call the police!” He shouted it several times but in my state of tiredness and frustration I didn’t bother looking out of the window because I didn’t want to be a witness to anything and have my sleep disturbed any further.

Don’t get me started on road works….


One thought on “Noise at Night-time

  1. I feel your pain. And lack of sleep. Why do drunks shout? We have neighbors who live several houses away and they have ‘gatherings’ at least once a week. For some reason the more they drink they louder they get. It’s like they think their drunken friends can’t hear them. I bought nice foam earplugs.

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