The Competitive Nature of Man

It is quite obvious that mankind is competitive, evolution and the fight for survival has left its mark in us. We strive to do well so that we can be the best and pass on our genetic code.

Okay I’m not sure how entirely accurate that is but it seems clever and makes this post more high brow. There must be some science in it though otherwise we’re all just assholes. Oh well, let’s just blame society for that one.

A slightly relevant cartoon, thanks to a Google search.

That’s the image for this entry done and out of the way. Moving swiftly along…

recently I have taken up orienteering and got into it for the wrong reasons. For the interest of self preservation (or rather selfishness) I am able to get paid for it (not a long story but not an interesting one so I will spare you the details) and I enjoy my running. So why not mix money and running in a challenging environment? For a while I haven’t been challenged and it has resulted in boredom. In a vicious cycle it has affected my motivation so I haven’t gone out and looked for something challenging although I am keeping up with my exercise which provides its own short term challenges. University work is not challenging (this will be explained at a later date but it will probably depress me). So orienteering provides competition and a challenge.

Only it turns out that I hate orienteering. I’m not terrible at it, in fact it turns out that I’m quite good. The results are posted online and it has split times for reaching each point. This is where it angers me because each time I have either made one big mistake or several smaller mistakes which means I don’t win. Through careful analysis and calculation I have realised that had I not made mistakes then I would have won several of the races I’ve done. I’m not angry at orienteering but at myself. It seems to represent my life where I am so close to achieving something only to screw it up.

Bitterness aside though I’ve gotten into my orienteering and plan on doing it until I win. And when I win I will keep doing it until I keep winning. It’s become an obsession. At least there could be worse obsessions like people or drugs. Oh how I should count my blessings!

Although I have noticed that I’m pretty competitive in loads of other things that don’t matter. For instance typing into the search bar of Chrome, I try and do it before it comes up with an auto prediction. Stupid little stuff like that. Most bizarre.

Even when I run in Central Park, where there are lots of other runners and joggers, I try and overtake as many as possible and feel great about it even though they are going a lot slower and we aren’t in a race.

Hopefully this attitude will get me far in life. I’m still waiting though….


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