Deep Fried Pizza

Welcome to Scotland.

On Friday I drove up to the North and beyond to take part in a run on Saturday morning, a 16 hour round trip for an hours worth of running, I got paid for it though. No wonder this country has no money left. My friends and I are all very much from the South and we consider the North to be above the M4. For reference, the M4 goes from Bristol to London (I think) which is more or less a horizontal line.

With regards to Scotland, we crossed the border after the sun had gone down. Eventually we made our way to what I can only assume are the highlands. In the dark I could see some huge hills/smallish mountains. It was pretty incredible around the lochs. Although I was suffering because I was feeling ill and the car journey didn’t help.

Anyway we got to our destination and were to sleep in a town hall. Having only a thin sleeping bag I drifted in and out of consciousness.

The sun came up and it was morning. I hadn’t slept well, I hadn’t eaten and I still felt grimey. My race preparation was great. 15 minutes into the race I thought I was going to collapse but I managed to keep on going and got a respectable time given my condition (my aim was sub 60 minutes but I got 60 minutes and 28 seconds. Story of my life…).

On the way back we stopped in a town to get fish and chips. You may have heard stories about deep fried Mars Bars which my sources tell me is true. At the chip shop we went to I saw on the menu Deep Fried Pizza. My assumption was that it would be a battered pizza in a way similar to fish. It wasn’t. They literally dipped the pizza in the deep fat fryer (I’m not sure if they precooked it and then deep fried it or what…) and that was it.

The taste was… intriguing. I can’t really say it was bad, it was crunchy and kind of nice but because it was pretty much just greasy bread it was very heavy and I couldn’t finish it. Not just the greasiness but the shame I felt and eating such a thing. I had a hurricane of emotions. There is no photo because I was in such shock and I could add a photo of a pizza and a deep fat fryer or possibly photoshop something but I can’t bring myself too google either of those things.

I think I passed out for a few hours as a result….

Would I recommend it? Hmm, tough question. Perhaps try it between a few of you for the sake of trying new “interesting” food. But it’s certainly not something I would eat regularly.


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